CVS – Trenton, New Jersey

1100 Liberty St, Trenton, NJ 08611, USA
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CVS – Trenton, NJ

1100 Liberty Street, Trenton, NJ

The facts

Trenton, New Jersey is a very dense suburb with over 250,000 people in a 5 mile radius. This is one of 2 locations in Trenton. CVS has extremely high sales and has committed to a new 15 year term.

Address: 1100 Liberty Street, Trenton, New Jersey

Population within 3 miles: 139,248

Average Household Income: $64,972

Property Size: 12,000 Square Feet

Traffic Counts: 11,000 AADT (Liberty Street) & 10,744 (Chambers Street)

We build greater value for our customers.

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This site plan is presented solely for the purpose of identifying the approximate location and size of the building, and intended for use as a reference only.

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