FORUM – West Palm Beach, FL

1665 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, USA
Triangle 1 Created with Sketch. 185,650 Square Feet
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1655 – 1665 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL 33401

BuildingSuite #TenantSquare Footage
Bldg-B100Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group2,128
Bldg-B101Roy Miller & Shealy, PL1,946
Bldg-B102Maynor & Associates1,763
Bldg-B105Carlos Cela1,204
Bldg-B110Available for Lease1,732
Bldg-B200National Auto Protection Corp.4,500
Bldg-B202Available for Lease600
Bldg-B215National Auto Protection Cop.3,941
Bldg-B400Airamid Health Services9,463
Bldg-B500Humana, Inc.9,463
Bldg-B600Airamid Health Services9,463
Bldg-B700Airamid Health Services9,463
Bldg-B800First Choice Credit Management3,574
Bldg-B804ARC of Palm Beach County4,004
Bldg-B805Available for Lease1,712
Bldg-B810ARC of Palm Beach County0
Bldg-B900Available for Lease5,012
Bldg-B1000Kelley & Fulton PL3,551
Bldg-B1001Palm Beach Reporting Services1,401
Bldg-B1003Airamid Health Services3,372
Bldg-B1004Ackerman Rodgers CPA, PLLC750
Bldg-C100Father Flanagan's Boys Town Florida0
Bldg-C102Father Flanagan's Boys Town Florida0
Bldg-C106Available for Lease1,824
Bldg-C110Available for Lease677
Bldg-C200Available for Lease4,562
Bldg-C204O'Donnell, Naccarato, et al2,796
Bldg-C208O'Donnell, Naccarato, et al1,341
Bldg-C209O'Donnell, Naccarato, et al536
Bldg-C300Father Flanagan's Boys Town Florida14,711
Bldg-C400L. Frank Chopin PLC716
Bldg-C401Asgard Health1,118
Bldg-C402Demahy, Labrador, & Thomas M. Bates PA1,295
Bldg-C403Lebrun Insurance Agency846
Bldg-C405Lawyer's Reporting Inc.916
Bldg-C408Halstead New England Corp1,576
Bldg-C412Sciarrino & Silk PA1,201
Bldg-C500Siegfried Rivera Hyman Lerner et al 3,614
Bldg-C502Knoerr & Emanuel PA1,682
Bldg-C503Louis L. Williams PA550
Bldg-C504Life Skills Development814
Bldg-C505Best Buddies International1,107
Bldg-C600Easter Seals Florida6,638
Bldg-C620The Assurance Group1,696
Bldg-C630Quest Media & Supplies1,242
Bldg-C700Matrix Mediation5,961
Bldg-C708Available for Lease2,942
Bldg-C710Matrix Mediation0
Bldg-C712Pickett, Marshall & Rozenson P.A.598
Bldg-C800Pickett, Marshall & Rozenson P.A.3,000
Bldg-C801Available For Lease540
Bldg-C802Available For Lease3,275
Bldg-C808DST Wealth Management Systems2,342
Bldg-C810Available For Lease561
Bldg-C900Michael A. Lampert PA2,459
Bldg-C901McLeod, McCarthy & Associates PA1,242
Bldg-C903Media Financial Services5,790
Bldg-C1000Alzheimer's Disease and Related2,625
Bldg-C1005Intelligent Holdings3,070
Bldg-C1010Pugh & Associates PA1,280
Bldg-C1012Available for Lease2,489

The facts

The Forum is located along Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. right off of I-95. The office buildings are located adjacent to the Palm Beach Lakes Outlet mall and next door to a future high-end hotel owned by the Houston Astros baseball team.

Address: 1655-1665 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Population within 3 miles: 113,750

Average Household Income: $64,505

Property Size: 185,650 Square Feet

Traffic Counts: 39,000 AADT (Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.) & 15,000 AADT (Congress Ave.)

We build greater value for our customers.

TCII Capital Goup

20900 NE 30th Ave, Suite 307 • Aventura, FL 33180 • (305)792-5760

This site plan is presented solely for the purpose of identifying the approximate location and size of the building, and intended for use as a reference only.

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