Walgreens – Cleveland, OH

4281 w 130th street, cleveland oh 44135
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Walgreens – Cleveland OH

4281 W 130th Street, Cleveland, OH 44135

The facts

Prominently located at the intersection of West 130th Street and Bellaire Road, this Walgreens store has served the local Brooklyn and Linndale communities for over twenty-five years.

Address: 4281 W. 130th Street, Cleveland, OH 44135

Population within 3 miles: 77,890

Average Household Income: $59,832

Property Size: 13,500 Square Feet

Traffic Counts: 21,000 AADT (W. 130th Street) 

We build greater value for our customers.

TCII Capital Group

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This site plan is presented solely for the purpose of identifying the approximate location and size of the building, and intended for use as a reference only.

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